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January 4, 2012
From Biddy to College Bound
February 28, 2012

Reader’s Theater is universally recognized as a valuable tool to enhance
reading, public speaking, comprehension, and analytical skills at all
reading levels. Virtually any piece of literature can be adapted for
the kids to read, analyze, and perform a literature based play in a
limited time-period. Regardless of reading level and without fear of
having to memorize lines, Reader’s Theater exposes children to books
they might not otherwise read and encourage all children to enjoy
reading and performing. It allows children to practice reading and
help improve their student confidence. This also gives children an
opportunity to provide entertainment.

Every Wednesday afternoon, the The National Charity League Peninsula
Chapter Ticktockers Class of 2014 participates in Reader’s Theater
with members of the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Los Angeles Harbor.
The NCL Peninsula Class has adopted the Boy’s and Girl’s Club of The
Los Angeles Harbor for their volunteer work for the year. The
ticktockers and their mothers work to prepare weekly scripts. Then
the Ticktockers review the prepared story or book for the members and
help them read the adapted script and help with staging and
performance tips. They also, organize crafts and create props with
the participants.

Sarah, one of the Ticktocker volunteers said, “I love Reader’s Theater! The
kids are so excited to be there and want to participate. They are so
polite as we read the story to them and they can’t wait to get a part
in the play. Even the ones who cannot read throw their arms in the
air to volunteer for a part, which shows me that they have
confidence. It is a great program.”

After having spoke with a few of the Ticktockers they informed us “Helping at
Reader’s Theater has been a rewarding and fun experience. I enjoy
working with all the children who are so sweet and want to learn.
They seem to love having us (Ticktockers) around too!” said

Mady another Reader Theater volunteer stated, “Reader’s Theater has been one
of my favorite philanthropies. I can see the children learning and
improving their reading skills right before my eyes and it is amazing
to see my volunteering in the community to pay off so quickly.”

We are extremely grateful for our partnership with the Ticktockers and the
positive impact they are having with our members. A number of parents
have told us they have seen an improvement in the reading interests
and skills in their children. One said “my son has never
displayed an interest in books before and now he wants to read a book
when he gets home.” Another participant was unable to read and
therefore never demonstrated any interests in books until he became
involved in Readers Theater.